Before i tell your story here is a little of mine..

How did I end up here?

 Born in 1978, in the middle of the summer in Athens.. And fast forward to 2002: I studied Mechanical Engineering at Technological institution of Athens learning how things work and more importantly how to break them. I then worked in this field for 8 years, but this career path left me searching for a creative outlet. I’ve always liked photography but never thought in my wildest dreams I could make a career out of it.

In 2010 i came home with a new mindset and determination, to do something more fulfilling and challenging. Something that would engage me creatively. I succeeded in joining the Department of Photography and Audio-visual Arts, making my hobby my life pursuit. I undergraduate  with Ηonors in documentary photography .  

In 2012, I continued to study Documentary Photography and i attended the “Photojournalism and Documentary Photography” program at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York I completed my studies with a residence in the  international research programme of residence in the National School of Photography (Ecole Nationale et superieure de la photographie) the only art school in France dedicated exclusively to photography. 

I had produced pictures on humanitarian crisis, focusing in social issues around the globe. Some of the countries and projects include India, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, France, Italy, Esthonia, Sweden, Finland, and United States of America among others.

Since 2012, my photo projects began to appear in websites, newspapers and magazines worldwide (Le monde, Guardian, Le journal de la photographie, I-D magazine, Vice, National Geographic and others.

In 2013 i have been Awarded as one of the best 10 Young  Photographers  at Athens Photofestival and the following year i was in the 1st Place, at Sony World photography Awards.

But it's the story-telling part of working as a documentary photographer that has the most influence on how I now work as a documentary wedding photographer and this is  how my editorial photography has shaped my wedding photography. I spent a long time learning about light, about people and about story-telling. It’s not easy, telling a story with pictures.

I figured out what enables me to be the best photographer I can. I’ve found what motivates me creatively, I understand my clients better and give them unique photos that are rich with emotion and creatively engaging. This is how I love to shoot and I’m so lucky that I’m able to shoot in the style that I love.


In 19.08.2016, at Queens Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, my wife Dora gave birth by  a planned cesarean section to our son Stratis. I was there, day and night, and i capture every intimate moment of our life.

Potentially my pictures do show Dora in discomfort but once you’ve gone through birth you realise it’s not about the pain as we know it in an everyday sense. It’s an amazing, primal experience.

Dora has a strong emotional reaction every time she looks at her birthing pictures. There is an element of remembering the discomfort but in a nice, nostalgic ‘looking back’ kind of way. But above all these photos are a keepsake for her and for my son as one of the most significant moments of her & his new life.

As a father i felt that i have been assigned from my son to capture the intensity of feeling in the theater, the touches, the encouragement and the small details which get forgotten; documenting the wonder of his birth and helping Dora to understand and feel proud of this experience. “Birth is many things – beautiful, hard, rewarding, bonding, exhausting, difficult and yes, graphic but after all it’s LIFE entering the world, souls meeting. 


So here I am today, in London with my wife Dora and my son Stratis, still a full time photographer. Shooting a mixture of weddings and personal projects. I’ve found that creative outlet I was looking for all those years, I love what I do and never for one moment take it for granted.