Additionally to my documentary photography, I often shoot family photography sessions. I like to call them “Day in the Life” shoots, as they aren’t really portrait sessions.

I prefer to shoot these sessions as an observer, much like I shoot my wedding photography.  In most cases, I spend a morning, or afternoon – sometimes the whole day, simply watching and shooting.

My clients love the fact that they get honest, authentic memories of these very special times.

Whilst a lot of my clients for the family photography shoots are past wedding clients, I also shoot the day in the life projects for older couples and families with older children too.

As a new dad myself, I know how important it is to capture those really fleeting times that make us smile, laugh and, sometimes perhaps, even cry.

Simple things like washing up, having breakfast, playing in the living room.  Moments that we often take for granted but in the blink of an eye are just memories.